Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Necklace Charms

My most popular sellers - clump necklace charms! All one-of-a-kind, so what you see is a sample of the style.  All clump charms have a slightly different look to them, so these are to give you an idea of the style and some of the colour choices.  A variety of colours are available.

Blue Clump - $30

Pink Clump - $30

Purple Clump - $30

Red Clump - $30

Flower Charms - made with scales and jump rings.  Your choice of colours!

Pink Flower - $20

Purple Flower - $20

Shipping costs are included for orders in Canada.

Chain-style bracelets

Hello!  I've finally got some pictures of some of the bracelets that I've been working on recently.  If you're interested in purchasing, please contact me at Shipping within Canada is included in the prices.

Chain Maille (3 wide) with red beads - $25

Chain Maille (3 wide) with light beads - $25

Chain Maille (5 wide) - multi-colour - $30

Chain Maille (7 wide) - rainbow - $35

Chain Maille (7 wide) - silver - $30 ($35 for your choice of colour)

Byzantine bracelet (available in your choice of colour) - $20

Byzantine bracelet - rainbow - $25

scale bracelet - available in a variety of colours, your choice.  $25

hand-made clasp with each bracelet

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Thanks for visiting - I'm just getting the page up, so please stay tuned.  I'll be posting about my jewelry and how to purchase it soon :)